The affordable rewind slitter.

Baby is a multi-blade rewind slitter designed to cut and convert computer graphic vinyl, fabrics, banner and awning, and other roll-stock materials. Compact, easy-to-use, and precise, Baby is the affordable solution for wholesalers and smaller manufacturers alike.

The original roll slitter.

Genesis is a motorized, single-blade roll slitter (also called log slitter or baloney slicer) that is simple and quick to operate. Time-tested and proven, hundreds of companies have used Genesis to cut self-adhesive vinyl, double-sided adhesive tape, paper, application tape, film, fabric, foam, banner and awning.

The advanced roll slitter + rewinder.

The Super log slitter features all the log-slitting technologies found in Genesis, plus offers advanced rewinding and converting capabilities. Whether you need to rewind a precise amount of material onto a recovery core, or roll-slit (log-slit) material into a variety of widths—or both—Super is up to task.

The automatic log slitter.

Enterprise is the safest, smartest, fastest, biggest, strongest, easiest-to-use, most precise, reliable, productive, versatile automatic roll slitter we manufacture. If you need to slit adhesive tape, rubber, gasket, felt, foam, fabric, vinyl or other roll-stock material with great precision, Enterprise is the perfect solution.